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Welcome to the Goodwill Exchange

The light of humanity shines brightest when we put out a hand to help others Gina Miller

The Goodwill Exchange is a simple but powerful idea that seeks to enable people to apply their skills, knowledge and expertise to help address social issues. We offer volunteers the opportunity to see their careers in a different light by efficiently and effectively matching their skills to those working to heal society's ills.

The Exchange offers smaller, grassroots charities access to an expert directory and wealth of professional, experienced individuals from all walks of life and businesses. It is amazing how big a difference a concentrated, focused few hours or days can help transform a project or seemingly daunting problem.

Rather than become deflated by the "rat-race", volunteering in this way creates a balance as the energy and sense of fulfilment fosters new perspectives. For many of our volunteers, the Goodwill Exchange has given them a new energy in their lives, with more to talk about with friends, colleagues and family.

At the Goodwill Exchange, and our founder organisation, the True and Fair Foundation, we believe in active citizenship that shouts to the world your belief in being a good human being. A personal picture that reflects and resonates commitment, empathy and heart.

A helping hand that can change someone's life becomes a bond of humanity.


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