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Generosity heals Communities

Goodwill Exchange is an initiative started by True and Fair Foundation in April 2012.

True and Fair Foundation was established in October 2009 by Gina Miller, a conscious capitalist who believes that giving and collective responsibility is more of a social and cultural activity.
She is passionate about supporting the local heroes in our communities that tirelessly work at the coalface of negative trends in society. Support is not purely financial but via a wide range of resources that create an environment in which small grantee charities and projects can become sustainable.

The True and Fair Foundation Vision:

  • To encourage those who have been successful to give back to the communities that afford their success
  • To increase philanthropy and common good in an era of growing inequality, social fragmentation and smaller state funding
  • To lessen the burden of giving for time poor donors and philanthropists who wish to give smarter and in a more efficient, transparent manner
  • To support dynamic grassroots charities doing transformational work with the most vulnerableand isolated in society, including those seeking to preserve our environment
  • To promote a more strategic business-like approach to charity

All costs of running the Goodwill Exchange initiative and the True and Fair Foundation are underwritten by the Miller Family so 100% of all donations go to grantee charities that undergo rigorous due diligence.

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